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121 Replacement Media Indoor Air Quality RESIDENTIAL AIR FILTRATION SYSTEMS SOURCE 1 PART NO. BRAND MLP $ S1-HEAC3000T SOURCE 1, YORK, COLEMAN, LUXAIRE, CHAMPION 1582.12 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION BRAND MLP $ S1-TEAC1625 AIR CLEANER,ELECTR,STD,1400 CFM,16X25 SOURCE 1, YORK, COLEMAN, LUXAIRE, CHAMPION 1128.89 S1-TEAC2025 AIR CLEANER,ELECTR,STD,2000 CFM, 20X25 SOURCE 1, YORK, COLEMAN, LUXAIRE, CHAMPION 1166.54 Features: Whole home electronic air cleaner utilizes both the electrostatic attraction and filter media to provide a more consistent, higher level of performance. Equivalent to MERV16 efficiency System matching appearance When new: - 97.8% effective at removing particles from 3-10 microns - 95.7% effective at removing particles from 1-3 microns - 92.0% effective at removing particles from 0.3-1.0 microns Rated to 2000CFM Support up to 400 lbs Low airflow resistance: - 0.10 w.g. @1000 cfm - 0.29 w.g. @ 2000 cfm Easy maintenance: Replace filter media once per year. - No washing of cells required; only wiping down of ionizing wires Power usage does not exceed 60 watts UL Listed Silent operation; no snapping from the electronic charge of particles The S1-TEAC1625 and S1-TEAC2025 Electronic Air Cleaners use a high-voltage ionizer within the air cleaner that electrically charges airborne pollutants and particles. It also features electrostatic precipitators - a series of metal collection plates that are oppositely charged to the ionized particles. The negative filter plate attracts and captures these microscopic particles, preventing them from being recirculated in the home. Lastly, these electronic air cleaners offer high performance and efficiency, ultra-quiet operation and no filters to replace. Features: The strongest, most reliable power supply and the sturdiest cell in the industry (recognized by dealers nationwide). Forever Filter never needs replacing - just clean and reuse. Connects directly to all types of heating and cooling systems. Permanent, washable aluminum collection cells deliver longer service life and are easy to clean. Greater overall HVAC system efficiency because units keep cooling coils clean. Electronic Airflow Sensor: Automatically senses air movement within the duct, resulting in reduced power usage. Built-In Internal Fuse: Protects the 24v transformer in the event of a power supply failure. All units are UL/C-UL Listed and are easily converted to 240v. Rugged cabinet construction for long life. Optional Charcoal After-Filter reduces common household odors. Premium Hybrid Media/Electronic Air Cleaners Source 1 Electronic Air Cleaners SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-FM501 HEAC3000 ELECT-HYBRID MEDIA 71.77

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