Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 116 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

116 HVAC Components TRANSFORMERS Honeywell Foot Mounted 277 VAC Transformer Honeywell AT87 powers 24V air conditioning circuits and other applications that do not exceed the listed ratings. Features: Meets NEC Class 2 not wet, Class 3 wet and UL 1585 requirements Transformer marked NEMA Type E Overload protection provided Color-coded leadwires for primary connections SOURCE 1 PART NO. FREQUENCY ELECTRICAL RATINGS MLP $ PRIMARY VOLTAGE SECONDARY VOLTAGE OUTPUT S1-AT87A1189 60 HZ; 50 HZ 277 VAC 26.5 V.O.C. 24 VAC AT 48 VA 74.50 With 9" Lead Wires and Metal End Bells Honeywell R8239 Control Center Include NEMA standard transformer for excellent voltage control. Provide low voltage control of line voltage fan motors and auxiliary circuits in heating, cooling or heating-cooling circuits. Features: NEMA standard Type D transformer (included) powers low voltage control systems. Provide overload protection for transformer. Convenient connections for thermostat, and heating- cooling equipment wiring. Mount on standard 4 x 4 junction box. Can be mounted in any indoor location without additional enclosure. Relay is easily replaced without disturbing wiring. Includes relay enclosures. Specications: Applications: For system with F50 Electronic Air Cleaner humidier and blower motor. Includes: R8222D Approvals: NEMA Standard DC20-1992, UL listed, CSA Certied. Dimensions: 4-1/2"H x 4-3/16"W x 3-3/32"D (114 mm H x 106 mm W x 79 mm D) Electrical Ratings (W): 12 W maximum Horsepower: 3/4 hp @ 120 VAC, 3/4 hp @ 240 VAC SOURCE 1 PART NO. POWER SUPPLY FULL LOAD LOCKED ROTOR SWITCH ACTION COIL RATINGS MLP $ PRIMARY VAC SEC 120 VAC 240 VAC 120 VAC 240 VAC INRUSH SEALED S1-R8239B1076 120 VAC, 208 VAC, 240 VAC 50 VA 26.5 V 12 A 6.9 A 72 A 41.4 A DPDT 20 VA MAXIMUM, 17 VA NOMINAL 10 VA MAXIMUM 9 VA NOMINAL 157.90 S1-R8239B1043 120 V 40 VA 26.5 V 12 A 6.9 A 72 A 41.4 A DPDT 20 VA MAXIMUM 17 VA NOMINAL 10 VA MAXIMUM 9 VA NOMINAL 127.02

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