Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 115 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

115 HVAC Components TRANSFORMERS Source 1 Class 2 Transformers - 90-T40S1 thru 90-T75C3 24 Volt Secondary Class 2 Transformers Energy Limiting Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration replacements. Foot mounted-4 x 4 plate-conduit hub. Source 1 multi-mounting control transformers are designed especially for the air conditioning market. The 24 volt output of the transformer assures the operation of valves, relays and contactors under most low voltage conditions, eliminating call backs due to brown outs. Class 2 transformers are used for industrial, heating and air conditioning controls applications. SOURCE 1 PART NO. MARS PART NO. JARD PART NO. VA HZ PRIMARY SEC. CONN MLP $ S1-T2404F 50354 4031F 40 60 120/208/240V 24V LEADS 20.41 *Manual reset Foot-Mount (Open Construction) SOURCE 1 PART NO. MARS PART NO. JARD PART NO. VA HZ PRIMARY SEC. CONN MLP $ S1-T3501M 50304 4031M 50 120/208/240V 24V LEADS 24.03 S1-T6753 50314 5031M 75 50/60 120/208/240/480V 24V LEADS 39.35 S1-T7752 75 50/60 120/208/240/480V 24V 42.35 Multi-Mount (Closed Construction) Universal Mounting With Plate Source 1 Transformer Lead Color Coding PRIMARY SIDE SECONDARY SIDE COMMON 120V 208V 240V COMMON 24V WHITE BLACK RED ORANGE YELLOW White Rodgers Transformers SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION VA Hz PRIMARY CONN. SEC. MLP $ S1-90-T40M2 MULTI-MOUNT (CLOSED CONSTRUCTION) UNIVERSAL MOUNTING WITH PLATE: 90-T40M2 40 60 120V LEADS 24V 36.25 S1-90-T50C3 FOOT-MOUNT (MANUAL RESET, OPEN CONSTRUCTION): 90-T50C3 50 50/60 120/208/240V LEADS 24V 75.25 S1-90-T60C3 FOOT-MOUNT (MANUAL RESET, OPEN CONSTRUCTION): 90-T60C3 60 50/60 120/208/240V LEADS 24V 87.15 S1-90-T75C3 FOOT-MOUNT (MANUAL RESET, OPEN CONSTRUCTION): 90-T75C3 75 50/60 120/208/240V LEADS 24V 111.96 Honeywell AT150 General Purpose Transformers Honeywell AT150 general purpose transformers power 24Vac circuits. Features: Color-coded lead wires for primary connections and screw terminals for secondary connections Includes fixed 1/4 inch (6mm) male quick-connects (AT150A models only) or color-coded lead wires for primary and secondary connections Meets Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 1585 Identified Class 2 not wet, Class 3 wet SOURCE 1 PART NO. ELECTRICAL RATINGS DIMENSIONS TEMPERATURE RATINGS MLP $ PRIMARY VOLTAGE FREQ (HZ) OUTPUT SEC VOLTAGE S1-AT150B1252 277 VAC 50/60 24 VA AT 50 VA 27.5 V.O.C. 1-11/16 H X 3-1/2 W X 1-3/4 D (43 MM H X 89 MM W X 75 MM D) -20F TO +105F -29C TO +41C 67.14 With 9" Lead Wires and Plastic End Caps Honeywell Foot Mounted 120 VAC Transformer Honeywell AT20 transformers power 24V systems including thermostats, gas valves and relays. Features: Channel frame mounting feet and slots allow for three mounting positions Features color-coded leadwires for primary connections Overload protection provided Energy limiting, meet NEMA DC20-1992 Standard Meet NEC Class 2 not wet, Class 3 wet and UL 1585 requirements SOURCE 1 PART NO. FREQUENCY ELECTRICAL RATINGS MLP $ PRIMARY VOLTAGE SECONDARY VOLTAGE OUTPUT S1-AT20A1123 60 HZ; 50 HZ 120 VAC 26.5 V.O.C. 24 VAC AT 19 VA 60.35 S1-AT40A1121 60 HZ; 50 HZ 120 VAC 26.5 V.O.C. 24 VAC AT 19 VA 63.81 With 9" Lead Wires

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