Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 108 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

108 HVAC Components HEAD PRESSURE CONTROLS ENCLOSURE ICM Controls Enclosure SOURCE 1 PART NO. REPLACES MLP $ S1-ACC-OE-03 ENCLOSURE,WEATHERPROOF,FOR ICM325-ICM327 65.46 Features: Rugged steel construction Easy to mount Helps to protect controls from harsh environmental conditions such as temperature, shock, humidity and vibration For use with ICM325HN, ICM326HN, ICM327HN, ICM332, and ICM333HN head pressure controls. ICM 3-Phase Head Pressure Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION FOR USE WITH LENGTH (IN.) PSI MLP $ S1-ICM380 OPTIONAL PRESSURE TRANSDUCER * S1-IC336, S1-ICM337, S1-ICM330 72 0-500 172.25 * 1/4 SAE Female Flare with Schraeder deflator (6' long) Accessories for ICM 3-Phase Head Pressure Controls Probe for Head Pressure Controls with Optional Heat Pump Bypass Feature SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION FOR USE WITH LENGTH (IN.) MLP $ S1-ICM379 S1-ICM325H, S1-ICM326H, S1-ICM327H 67 70F-100F, 21-38C 60.75 Three-phase ON/OFF Head Pressure Control SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM334C-LF ICM 3-PHASE HEAD PRESSURE CONTROLS WITH SUPPORT FOR TWO PRESSURE OR TWO TEMPERATURE CONTROLS, IDEAL A/C AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS 259.43 Specifications: Line voltage: 120-600 VAC Control voltage: 18-30 VAC Frequency: 50-60 Hz Operating Temperature: -40F to +140F (-40C to +60C) Heat Pump Override: 24 VAC, N.C./N.O. Probes: Ambient temperature Thermistor: 10K ohm at 77F (25C) Temperature: Thermistor, 10K ohm at 77F Pressure: ICM380 (ordered seperately)

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