Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 10 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

10 Compressors COPELAND CRKQ, CIKQ MODELS X X X X X X E - X X X - X X X X X Compressor Family Series Letter "C" established for this family of compressors. Capacity Compressor nominal 60 Hertz capacity at ARI rating condition to two signi cant digits. Indicates compressors with polyol ester oil. Compressor Motor Types Phase Description Code 1 Capacitor Run - Permanent Split Capacitor P 3 Three Phase General 3 Lead Single Voltage 6 Lead Part Winding (575 Volt) T Product Variations Three-digit Bill of Material number that indicates compressor con guration and accessories included. Application Range Code Description R High and Medium Temp Compressor Motor Protection Type Protection Code Internal Inherent Protection - One Protector Use with Contactor (Single or three Phase) F Electrical Codes 50 Hz. 60 Hz. Code 200-1 208/230-1 V 200/240-1 - T 220/240-1 - Z 380/420-3 460-3 D 200/240-3 200/230-3 5 Model Variation Letter "Q" assigned to indicate "Quiet Compressors." Capacity Multiplier K: 1,000 External Variations Optional alpha letters that indicate external accessories.

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